How to restore an Azure VM to an alternate subscription

I hope this helps someone, this took me 4 hours to figure out!


  1. create a new resource group in the source subscription
  2. create a new storage account inside this resource group
  3. click on the VM you want to restore, and click on the backup blade, choose restore vm along the top and give the info from the previous two steps, name the vm whatever.
  4. Go into the RG and delete the VM and the nics, you wont need these.
  5. click on the storage account and select “Move” along the top and select the new subscription
  6. Once moved go into the new sub, click all resource and click + for new, type disks and select Managed disks from the searched menu
  7. create a managed disk and choose blog for the course and browse to the moved storage account, then the folder and finally the osdisk vhd usually 128gb. choose a size of 130gb for the new manage disk.
  8. once this is complete, browse the resource group in the new subscription and look for the new managed disk you just created, and click on it and select “create VM” in the top menu
  9. Make your vm and now you have restored a backup from a different subscription to your new subscription!


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