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Save 60% off Amazon AWS or Azure, and we do the heavy lifting!

Often, the decision to move your servers, data and applications to a cloud services provider can be more agonizing than actually migrating your systems into the cloud itself.

CDNHost has been in business for more than a decade and has helped small and medium sized businesses transition to the cloud environment with a minimum of disruption to workflows, ensuring a smooth and managed transition from your current IT environment to our cloud servers and data storage facilities in Canada. Choosing a cloud-based strategy offers these benefits:

Lower annual IT operating costs – many of our clients enjoy savings of 30% or more.
Our prices are very competitive for cloud hosting, 30-50% lower than our larger US and Canada based competitors.

Drastically reduce your Capital Expenditures.
Cloud provides for a subscription-based service – using operating funds (OpEx) for IT infrastructure hosting and support is becoming a very popular model among most businesses over the usual capital expenditure (CapEx) models of the past to support the same corporate IT objectives.

More effective collaboration among your mobile staffs, customers and suppliers.
Your users will be able to log in and work from anywhere in the world, increasing productivity and access to information to make important decisions when opportunities arise.

Our cybersecurity measures detect and defeat threats before they become problems.
CDNHost uses advanced threat protection on our networks, this keeps your servers and data safe.

Peace of mind knowing your data will be backed-up each day, providing 99.95% uptime.
Backups and restore points are provided for all cloud customers, this is the best way to mitigate threats such as ransomware and locky.

Fully scalable solutions to meet the changes occurring in your business.
Scaling up the sizing of your cloud servers can be done easily in a short downtime window and a reboot, much easier than trying to purchase memory or processors for physical servers.

Your data stays in Canada – no compliance issues.
Canada has strict privacy laws concerning data, in line with European countries.

You are dealing with Canadians located in the nation’s capital.
Our ownership and technical staff are located in Ottawa, Canada. You can schedule meetings with us and visit your equipment or data anytime.

Our approach to you, as a customer, is what sets us apart. We will come to your business to assess your exact requirements, layout the strategy, and provide a solution based on your inputs and our experience in operating data centres and handling cloud migrations. A systems engineer will be assigned to assess your IT infrastructure, recommend the best approach for your business, and provide a written proposal and quotation for the migration and hosting services you will need now, with the flexibility to change as your circumstances change. We establish the implementation schedule together, and then we do the rest.

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