Managed Services

With a Managed Solution from Polar Networks you’ll have budget predictability and rock-solid coverage across all aspects of your IT infrastructure. This plan offers unlimited maintenance and support, performance monitoring and optimization, vendor management, predictive failure monitoring, and strategic planning – all for a fixed price.


Polar Networks utilizes the most advanced tools available to proactively monitor all facets of your IT infrastructure. This ensures that our Help Desk is notified of any potential problems before they escalate and cause major disruptions to your workflow. Our monitoring tools provide us with the information required to accurately identify where deficiencies exist in your infrastructure and forecast what upgrades may be necessary. This gives you the insight to accurately project your IT budgets for years to come.

Proactive monitoring is the best way to ensure that your business will continue to operate at maximum efficiency and free of costly downtime.

Semi-Annual Technology Reviews

Our network service program includes a Semi-Annual Business Review with your organization. Prior to each review, Polar Networks will audit all alerts and reports generated over the preceding 180 days, and prepare a comprehensive analysis of our findings as well as targeting areas for cost savings and increased performance. We will also identify any security vulnerabilities, and provide you with an overall health assessment of your network. These meetings are designed to ensure that we are aligned with your current business goals and proactively planning future IT decisions. We present all of the reports we have captured over the past six months – ensuring you understand the overall impact of our work on your business. We also use this opportunity to review and update you on all of the tasks completed in the last six months, and to discuss any projects in progress.


Stability, reliability and optimum performance can only be accomplished by ensuring everything inside your infrastructure is secure. Polar Networks provides this protection to your environment by managing your Firewall and Endpoint Security on workstations and servers, and performing regular Microsoft Security updates. Subscribing to our solutions will give you the confidence of knowing that your data is secured from outside threats.


Polar Networks’s dedicated Help Desk will provide your users with unlimited phone and email support. We are always here to answer your questions and solve problems to keep your team working problem-free. All of your support needs are covered for one fixed monthly fee, allowing you to accurately forecast your IT budget without surprises.


Polar Networks will ensure your infrastructure continues to run at peak capacity through regular performance monitoring and scheduled server reboots. We take care of all Microsoft Exchange & SQL optimizations and maintenance.

QBR Summary and Reports

  • Our extensive report includes the following:
  • Executive Summary
  • Windows Server Health
  • Work Completed Summary
  • Site Performance
  • Patch Status Detail
  • Site Health
  • Server Health
  • MBSA and Patch Summary
  • Asset Inventory
  • Device Performance
  • Site Performance
  • Review of Work Completed
  • Update on Current Projects
  • Existing and Future IT Requirements

Vendor Management and Support

Polar Networks will ensure your third-party software stays updated. We work with your software vendors to troubleshoot problems, so that your users don’t have to. Polar Networks can also help source and evaluate new software products to ensure that they are the right fit for your infrastructure.


Polar Networks will ensure that technology is fulfilling and optimizing all of the needs of your business by having a Virtual Chief Technology Officer actively involved in your business. Semi-annual technology reviews will provide you with the opportunity to thoroughly understand the health of your infrastructure and to plan for the future growth of and changes to your business.