How to discover the IP Address of your previously owned computer/storage/network gear. Dell/EMC/HP/Dlink/Cisco/etc

using arp to find out the IP of a foreign network device!

Install Wireshark on the laptop, and ensure it’s monitoring the Ethernet adapter.

set the ethernet card temporarily on your laptop at

Plug directly into the ethernet jack on your laptop, the device’s mgmt port. if you don’t get a link light then use a mdi-x cable or plug both units into a hub.

Keep an eye open for the DHCP Discover on the wireshark output with the brand name of the device you just bought. If not DHCP Discover then it’s statically configured and should give some pointers as to the IP address it’s using.

NOTE: If you know the MAC of the device (most have stickers) watch for the device on wireshark via the mac address using “eth.addr == xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”

Hope this helps, it helped me!


feel free to ask any questions.