Resetting Dell MD3000i to factory defaults

Hard to find this info, so I figured I would help everyone out!


With the configuration & error stating that it can see the slave controller and not the primary controller what you can do is to swap the controllers and put the slave(right side of the unit if looking at the MD3000i from the back) with the primary controller and try to see if the system will come up with just the primary controller (was slave controller). If the MD3000i comes up with the primary controller in then add in the secondary controller and check the serial output to ensure that it comes up.

Now if you wanted to just try & reset the array here is the way you would do that.

1. Startup a terminal emulation program like putty, teraterm, minicom or hyperterminal using these terminal settings (115200-8-n-1).

2. Send a from the terminal shell. This is accomplished by <Ctrl><PAUSE/BREAK> within HyperTerminal or Putty, use <Ctrl><A><F> from within Minicom on Linux systems.

3. When prompted for input within 5 seconds, press <S> for the service interface menu. Also the S needs to be caps otherwise will not work

4. The user will then be prompted for a password. The Password is: supportDell

5. The menu options available are.

1) Display IP Configuration

2) Change IP Configuration

3) Reset Storage Array (SYMbol) Password

Q) Quit Menu